30 Gifts She’ll Love You For

Luke McNaney December 6, 2012 6
30 Gifts She’ll Love You For

Here at Thirty Mag, we’re aware Christmas is on the horizon which presents every man with a dilemma – what to get that lady in your life, or the lady you want to be in your life? We take a look at some helpful gift ideas to make purchasing presents much simpler and less of an ordeal, whatever time of the year.

1. Shoes – It may be a cliché but a tried and tested way to her heart is through her feet. A carefully selected pair of shoes is sure to put a smile on her face and win you some brownie points too.

2. Spa treatment – Show her you care for her well-being by booking in a spa treatment session. Throw in a ticket for her mother or a friend, and your generosity will not go unnoticed.

3. Wine – If she likes wine, why not splash out on a nice vintage bottle? Step up from the usual Sunday afternoon fare to make it a special occasion.

4. Kindle/e-reader – The perfect gift for couples who appreciate each other’s space; while you’re watching football or playing a few rounds of ‘Call of Duty’, she can relax in bed with her favourite authors.

5. Theatre tickets – Is she a theatre hound? Take her to a show. A great surprise to round out a romantic weekend in the city.

6. Charm bracelet – If she loves jewellery, a charm bracelet is a great idea. Not only is it something personal she can treasure, but the concept of charm bracelets means you won’t be struggling to think of gift ideas for a year or two – simply add a new charm to her collection.

7. Handbag – Most women love a good handbag, so opt for a fancy bag as a surefire gift hit. A Mulberry is a definite winner, but there are great options to suit all budgets.

8. Tablet – Tablets are available at increasingly accessible price points. Whether you go for the latest iPad or another high-performance tablet, this is something she will enjoy getting a lot of use out of.

9. Flowers – It may be tried and tested (cliché even) but there’s a reason why flowers are such an evergreen gift. A nice bouquet is sure to cheer up her day.

10. Perfume – A wisely chosen fragrance is a great key to her heart. If you know her favourite scent, stick to it – otherwise, if you go for something different then the gesture won’t be unappreciated.

11. Antique furniture – Find something to treasure in an antique shop and take it home. If she’s a collector, she’ll love it; if not, then it’s something a bit different and a unique keepsake.

12. Experience day – If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, an experience day package can wrap up your gift hunt effectively. Whether it’s a spa day or something more adventurous, this is something she will always remember.

13. Watch – Put a ring on it? Could do. Or you could put a watch on it, providing her with a glamorous timepiece to wear day in, day out.

14. Chocolates – It’s simple math: a big box of luxury chocolates will remind her why she fell for you with every single bite.

15. Personalised photo album – Memories are priceless, so treat her to a gift that has taken time and care to produce. Whether honeymoon snaps or shots of your family, this is a great reminder of all you’ve shared and share together.

16. Purse – The perfect accompaniment to a handbag or a great gift in itself, a stylish new purse is a solid choice.

17. Kitchenware – We’re not suggesting you buy her a kitchen’s worth of appliances but if she loves cooking and baking then some carefully selected goodies (such as the quirky Cath Kidston range) would go down a treat.

18. Scarf – A good scarf is something every woman should own, so treat her to an accessory she can get a lot of use out of by choosing a designer scarf.

19. Luxury bath products – If she likes to unwind at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a long bath, then she’ll appreciate scented candles and bath salts to help wash her cares away.

20. Favourite records – Does she love her music? It’s a pretty romantic gesture to buy her an old record player (if you don’t already own one, that is) along with her favourite albums on vinyl.

21. Weekend break – Need some quality time together? Make time by arranging a weekend break away to a romantic destination where you can relax, eat good food and reconnect.

22. Ornaments/Statuettes – If she likes to collect items with aesthetic value, then ornaments or figurines may be an avenue to explore. Decorate the home you share together or gift her something she can treasure.

23. A dress – No matter how independently fashion-minded she is, if you get it right then she’ll love you for buying her a dress. Take tips from friends and her own style or stick to the classic ‘little black dress’, just remember to keep a receipt just in case.

24. Painting/Art – An original painting may come at a hefty price tag but, if you can afford it, the art aficionado in your life will be genuinely impressed by the gesture and adore you for it.

25. Fancy candles – A little something that goes a long way, fancy scented candles are a must-have for every modern, hard-working lady.

26. Hobby classes – If she’s truly passionate about a specific hobby, then book in some special classes for her to enjoy. For example, if she loves making cupcakes, she will love a class or two on advanced cake decoration.

27. Specialty teas – A thoughtful selection for any tea lover, a selection of various teas can be enjoyed by the recipient for some time.

28. Earrings – A woman can never have enough jewellery. An elegant pair of earrings makes for a great gift.

29. Coffee table book – If she’s a fan of photography or art, as well as literature, then a luxury coffee table book is a winning idea.

30. Homemade hamper – Finally, incorporate elements of all the above by creating a personal hamper tailored to the recipient. Include favourite food items, drinks, pampering products and other small gifts to make up a satisfying gift box that shows how much you care.