30 Redneck Rides

Christian Collard August 16, 2010 2
30 Redneck Rides

Feel like your car sucks but cant afford a new one? These 30 redneck rides should make you feel a little better.


License plate says it all…


Patriotic. Kinda.

St.Ignace 2008 Car Show Redneck Party Van

Forget tailgating. “Roofing” is where its at.

Ultimate Redneck Ride

I think I saw this one in a Three Stooges skit.

Redneck Eurotrash

Its like a Taxi cab that you cant get into.

Sweet VW Bug

Looks like he’s been stuck there for a while.


Who would want to sell this car?

Redneck Ride

I dont know about you, but my kids are NOT getting on that bus.

Redneck Car

A&E’s hit show “Hoarders” gone mobile.

Redneck Car

Just in case the passenger is not getting enough wind in their face, it comes with a fan.

redneck cadillac

“Hey! Who side-swiped my caddy!?”

POS redneck car pic 2

Looks kinda like a redneck version of the Barbie car.

IF your kids ride around in a 55-gallon drum....

Problem is, its not built for families with more than five kids.

Redneck Truck

I bet it would look brand new with a wash.

redneck rv

Mobile home.

Franklin County Antique Machinery Show, Brookville, Indiana 2006

Mobile home with a back deck.

Redneck Camper

At least it wont take long to dry the clothes.



Car Wash Blues

There was an Old Lady who drove a shoe….


Half truck, half log cabin.

Only 4 easy payments of $29.99

Good idea with the trash bags. It would be a shame if the seats got wet.

Local Vehicle


Redneck ATV Hauler

“What’s a trailer?”

Redneck Harley

Looks well built to me.

Redneck Lawnmower

Redneck Lawnmower.

Redneck Golfcart

Redneck Golf cart.

Redneck Limo

Redneck Limo.

Redneck Limo, Ticonderoga NY

Redneck Limo, jacked up.

You Might Be a Redneck if...

This one made me spit out my coffee.

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