30 “Street Smarts” You Should Know

Chuck Romano July 8, 2013 1
30 “Street Smarts” You Should Know

You’re either the one that hit the books, gained a degree, and living a straight life or you’re the hustler type, educated by the streets, and quick in your game. Every man should have a solid foundation in both of these areas if they want to be a well-rounded, interesting man. The following will list out thirty of these “street smart” things you oughta know …

1. Always carry a spare tire and learn how to change it (because wasting hours on the side of the road is for chumps).

2. Lend a hand when you can by helping someone jump their vehicle; learn where the connections need to go and send some good karma along the way.

3. Know your rights and what it’s going to cost if you get stuck in a tricky legal situation (such as the aftermath of a bar brawl); bail bonds can be your friend so get more info so you’re not stuck overnight behind bars.

4. Build a list of contacts that you know offer the one-off job because you never know when you need to pull in a few extra bucks to cover expenses.

5. You can generally get a discount by simply asking for it so man up and don’t be so shy.

6. Emulate the person you’re talking to which will show you’re interested and may lead to some very cool opportunities beyond the convo.

7. Money plays – this goes true for snagging deals on the spot rather than going through the hassle of running a debit/credit card, so strike when the iron is hot!

8. Learn how to politely refuse what you don’t want without being too brash. State the ‘no’, sound confident, say it once, and be on your way (it’ll save you a lot of trouble trying to explain yourself and you’ll get to avoid a lot of pointless activities and interactions).

9. Become the local wherever you go. Chat and make friends with long-time inhabitants of the community, go off the beaten path, and learn to appreciate the uncomfortable. You’ll gain a first-hand understanding of what you’re up against, cool places to visit, and ways to avoid getting ripped off.

10. Move with confidence, don’t look touristy, and keep your mouth closed. People will spot and exploit you if you’re treading around slack-jawed and starry-eyed so keep your expressions on the down-low.

11. Treat people that handle your food with the up-most respect and humility because you don’t want a loogey in your next burger and they may throw in a few extras.

12. Don’t gamble your money on obvious street scams like three-card monte or knock-off designer items – you’ll either lose it because you’re too blind to the scam or you could get slapped with some legal trouble.

13. Try to avoid responding to those that ask for a cigarette, a light, or basically anything from you because you may be getting set up for a mugging.

14. If you want/need to meet up with someone (such as selling items Craigslist) than meet in a very obvious location (or even outside a police station) so there’s no funny business.

15. Learn how to live without the modern comforts (just in case); put yourself to the test and have a plan in the event you need to go off the grid for some time rather than getting stranded on the streets.

16. Learn to love stress because it’s one of the most beneficial factors in making you think outside the box and get things done; it’ll also open the doors for work where others have failed because you’re itching for the position and won’t back down.

17. If you start something, get into the habit of finishing the job even if it’s a real pain in the rear; you’ll be happy you finished the project rather than kicking yourself over it a year later.

18. Surround yourself with smart people and you’ll exceed your expectations. Likewise, keep a few shifty friends around for those wild times.

19. Like treating those that handle food with respect – do the same with those that are on the street level such as valet, doormen, or interns because they probably have great information if you need to get your foot in the door or if you need info on something important.

20. Don’t go to sleep angry. If you have a problem than deal with it so you’re not left dwelling on it throughout your sleep and having it there when you’re up.

21. Speaking of sleep … get more of it, keep a regular schedule, and stop hitting the snooze button. There are a lot of great things that happen early in the morning that you keep missing out on by sleeping in that extra hour … it’s not worth it to pass up these awesome events.

22. Learn to cook (even the most basic meals) because you’ll win the hearts of your crush, entertain friends & family, and will have a skill that can go anywhere in the world.

23. Don’t be a life tourist – throw yourself into the action even if it’s outside your comfort zone. You’ll gain a whole lot of understanding of a culture by participating than just reading about it in a book.

24. Just because you can voice your opinion … doesn’t mean you should. Have some discretion when it comes to gossip and chatter. Let others paint their own picture of who you are than outright destroying it by speaking like an idiot.

25. Show some courtesy and patience when you’re driving. Make sure to use signals, keep a safe distance, pay attention to speed signs, don’t get caught up with road rage, know alternative routes, and don’t tailgate. It’s all the basics that many seem to forget but following them will make your transit so much easier on yourself and others.

26. Expand your vocabulary so you can convey your ideas and thoughts rather than resorting to fundamental English. It’s not to be pompous but to avoid confusion for when you need something done.

27. If she cheated on her last boyfriend to be with you … she’ll cheat again.

28. Don’t lend out money more than $20 unless they’re extremely close friends or family (and even then use some discretion). The higher you lend the more likely they’ll pitter around and delay paying you back, which can add some real stress when you need it most.

29. Learn how to identify great street food and vendors. Street food can be some of the most delicious food you’ll find if you can find it. Watch where the locals eat and you could be in store for your most amazing meal yet … and it’ll be cheap!

30. Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet!