30 Websites All Dads Should Check Out

John Taylor September 23, 2010 54
30 Websites All Dads Should Check Out

2010 has been a HUGE year for dads. The evidence can be found everywhere you look online. All over the internet, dad blogs and dad related web sites are popping up, and a new image of the modern dad is emerging. From power hitting bloggers with kids, to the everyday dad like me, dads are speaking up about becoming more active in their roles as a parent and in a lot of cases they are taking over a lot of the responsibilities from mom.

The online community of dads is growing by leaps and bounds and there are hundreds and hundreds of dads who are talking and sharing their experiences. They are guiding and supporting one another as we all travel the road of fatherhood. Social media has played a big part in making the modern dad’s voice heard through sites like Twitter. There are lots of great dads out there and fatherhood resources to be found.

In the light of all things dad going on in the webiverse I put together a list of 30 dad sites that everyone should be checking out. It was a difficult list to make considering all the great content out there, so I picked 30 from my reader to display for you.  Check them out, give them a read, and check out their links to other great dad sites!


1) DadRevolution

2) DadCentric

3) Dad Labs

4) Man of the House

5) The Father Life

6) I Am THAT Dad

7) Dads Talking

8 ) Dad-O-Matic

9) The Good Men Project Magazine

10) Book Dads

11) DIY Father

12) Fatherfolk

13) Clark Kent’s Lunchbox

14) Stay at Home Dad in Portland

15) DadaRocks

16) Del The Dad

17) Dad Street

18) A Blogger and Father

19) Stay at Home Dad in Lansing

20) Dad of Divas

21) The DADvocate Project

22) Dads 4 Life

23) Dad University

24) National Fatherhood Initiative

25) Father Apprentice

26) Better Husbands and Fathers

27) Bruce Sallan

28) Daddys Toolbox

29) Sex and the Single Dad

30) Digital Shepherds

Have another to add to the list? Comment them below and we’ll add it to our next post. Also, tell us which of these on the list are your favorites and why.