Quick Overview of the Top 5 Smartphones

Chuck Romano February 27, 2014 2
Quick Overview of the Top 5 Smartphones

With the overabundance of choices in the mobile phone market, it is easy to get flustered, and have no idea what you want, or if you’ll recognize it when you see it. There are a multitude of manufacturers out there today, and four main platforms – Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Blackberry.  Our apologies to Blackberry lovers out there, you didn’t make the list. The latest phones coming from Blackberry are very impressive, and the updated BB 10.2 OS is very smooth and intuitive. However, the BB Z30 came close, and the new Porsche and Torch series may be worth investigating, but not in time to make this list.  To be fair, picking the “best” smartphone is really a very subjective process. You may be inclined to one operating system over another. The availability of apps and upgrades, the general look and feel of the phone, and its overall performance in different areas all come into play. Which phone you ultimately choose should be based on a lot of hands on testing and research, to make sure you get the features you want.  That said; here is a list of our 5 favorite smartphones:

Nokia Lumina 1520 – This flagship Windows Phone is a monster, in every definition of the word.  Probably the first thing you notice about this phone is its enormous 6 inch HD display. The next thing you’ll notice is what a behemoth the phone is to carry that monster screen. At 163mm long, 85mm wide and 8.7mm thick, it is a beast. Good luck slipping it in your pocket.  However, the large display has a density of 367ppi; resulting in sharp, crisp edges on a large, bright display with vivid colors. The camera is also astounding, with its 20MP resolution, it’s second only to the Lumina 1020 in terms of a quality camera on a smartphone.  It is a Windows Phone, which may not be for everyone, but the simple (sometimes too simple) interface is very intuitive, and allows for slightly more customization than the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – This may be the best phone for the value on the market. While not the cheapest phone around, it provides incredible performance on all levels. Unfortunately, it has a kind of cheap plastic feel to it, but that only belies what a beautiful phone it is. The 5-inch HD display provides beautifully sharp imagery at 441ppi. It performs at blistering speeds, and takes great pictures and video.

HTC One is a close competitor to the Galaxy S4. If you want performance in a slightly bigger phone, the S4 is for you. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little performance for a sleeker, more manageable phone, try the HTC one.

Motorola Moto G – Without question, this is the best value smartphone on the market. It may only have a 4.5-inch screen, but its 1280 x 720 resolution results in a very satisfying 326ppi. You also have to give up a little bit for camera quality, at just 5MP, but it still produces fine snaps. And, truth is, this isn’t the prettiest phone on the market. But you won’t find this quality of hardware, at this price, anywhere else.

Apple iPhone 5S – What can you say? The mother of all smartphones has done it again. Whether you are a fan of the iOS platform, or prefer the freedom of Android, it’s impossible to deny that Apple continues to turn out the best phones on the market. It may have a smaller display than other smartphones, but that adds to its portability. Its high quality camera, and groundbreaking 64-bit A7 chip, put this phone in a class by itself; unfortunately, it has the price tag to go along with that reputation.