Weekly 30: August 20

Christian Collard August 20, 2010 2

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Things worth Seeing

1. Now that The Well is Capped… (pictures from the Boston Globe)

2 .World’s Most-Lavish Hotel Lobbies. These grand public spaces amaze guests and hint at what’s to come in the rooms.

3. Last combat brigade leaves Iraq
A line of Strykers convoy in the early hours of Aug. 16, as part of the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, United States Division-Center’s last patrol through Iraq as they leave theater. The 4th SBCT is the last combat brigade to leave theater. via @USArmy

Last combat brigade leaves Iraq

4. Forbidden Battleship Island <- some cool photos that look like they are out of Call of Duty: Modern Warefare

5. Nate Parker’s Photo’s on Flickr. Special thanks to Nate for the beautiful image of Bernard Maine. He is a photographer from Boston with some impressive shots.

6. Bad daddy…

7. Mad Violin skills: Super Mario Bros on Violin (this is probably more amazing if you used to played this every afternoon you got home from school… like me)

Things Worth Reading

8. This is an old post I wrote for Bit Rebels and found its way to my feed this week: The Awesomeness of Root Beer

9. A Life Worth Living, Is A Life Worth Giving… via @CHRISVOSS

10. New Study: Dads who smoke raise overweight

11. Great post by Tom MatlackLet’er Rip… If you want to feel like a kid again, every once in a while you gotta act like one.

Wicked Good Lists

12. The Top 10 All-Time NFL Quarterbacks (on the Men’s Health Best List)

13. 10 Worst (Although Memorable) Hollywood Mothers

14. Not sure this would be MY list… The Greatest Action Movies Ever (on Mens Health Best List)

15. 10 Most Bizarre Things Available for Rent

16. Another Best List post: The Most Obnoxious Fans in Sports (i’m a number six.)

17. Not a BEST LIST, but apparently a top 10… The Top Ten Ways Men are Different from Women


18. Like Salmon? Salmon – A Delicious Food Trend

19. Guy Grub: A Real Man’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

20. 10 simple rules to make yourself master of the grill


21. This show aired this week on @Discovery: Surviving The Cut: US Army Ranger School at 10p e/p on Wed

22. As seen on TV…This thing looks weird…. Shaking America By Storm: The Shake Weight


23. So Bret’s back in the news (and on the field) Three Men and a Guilt Trip: The Mission to Enlist Favre

24.  Lou Gehrig may not have really had Lou Gehrig’s disease

25. Scratching That Fantasy Football Itch: The Formula for Nailing Your Picks


26. 10 Situations to Monitor in Your Fantasy Football Draft


27. 15 Things You Shouldn’t Be Paying For


28. 30 Redneck Rides here’s one…

29. Infographic: The History Of the Ford Mustang, 1964-2010

Auto Insurance
[Via: Auto Insurance]

30. Another Mustang link: Ford brings back high-powered Mustang Boss 302

SIDE NOTE: I am working with Ford to bring you highlights from the new 2011 Mustang. Be sure to subscribe to our feed to get the article when it comes out.

Have an awesome weekend!