Weekly 30: August 27

Christian Collard August 27, 2010 0

The Weekly 30 for August 27, 2010. This week sure was a fast one for me! How about you? We have been busy working on improving some aspects of the site as well as introducing others. One of these new features is our Weekly 30 Podcast. Last week was our first official recording (you can listen here). We are excited about this week’s coming episode using the Weekly 30 list you see below. We are also excited to announce that our very first podcast was picked up by the iTunes library! Please help us as we continue the Weekly 30 Podcast by providing your feedback in the comments, subscribing via RSS or iTunes, and sharing it with others. Thanks and have incredible week!

Things Worth Seeing

1. Athletes In Their College Dorm Including this guy… can you guess who it is?

2. Greatest Driver In The World! (also the worst driver in the World)…

3. Our featured photographer of the week: Kirk Marshall from St. Albans, Vermont. The header image is a great shot of his taken from Wells Beach, Maine. Please take a moment and check out his photostream on Flickr. Check out this shot “Catch After Dark”.

Catch After Dark

4. Pictures of Gremlins, Ghostbusters and Goonies Oh My! (does anyone remember these movies?)

5. Google Earth Pictures: The Most Mysterious Sightings Ever (PHOTOS) via @huffingtonpost

6. Reserve your 2011 HumanCar! Check this thing out. It rocks (and rolls!)

7. This movie looks funny! The Other Guys “If I were a Lion”

8. Wipeout s Top 10 Moments ( i love this show!)

9. Yikes! A 2,530-Calorie Burger

10. 10 Most Secluded Beaches In The U.S. (PHOTOS)

Other News and Things Worth Reading

11. Chad Ochocinco Fined $25K for Tweeting During Preseason Game oops

12. People will soon be able to scale buildings like Spider-Man

13. Is it Supposably or Supposedly? 24 Things You Might Be Saying Wrong

14. Nine Great Uses for Private Browsing (and not for what you may be thinking)

15. Are you ready for your Interview!?! <- Good tips for that job interview

16. How 17 Great American Cities Got Their Names on Mentalfloss

17. Why working from Home is Both Awesome and Horrible

18. 17 alternative uses for toothpaste, from bee stings to cleaning rings

19. The Unwritten Rules of Texting via @mashable

Food, Health, and other Good Stuff

20. The 10 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating

21. Top 5 Most Addictive Foods

22. Here’s why staying faithful pays off, for your relationship and for your sex life…. 14 Things to Remember Before You Cheat

23. Are you a runner? Kicking Up Pavement: 3 Ways to Dominate Your Next Road Race via @mikearone

24. Your below-the-belt protection plan via @menshealthmag

25. Your Hair Reveals Whether You’re a Morning Person

26. The hidden 6-Inch Chicken Marinara Sub from subway and other 5 Healthy ‘Off-Menu’ Options

Sports, (sorry, will have more than one next week)

27. No kidding….. The NFL experience is no cheap thrill via @walletpopper

This Week on Thirty Magazine (shameless plug)

28. 20 Reasons to Love the 2011 Ford Mustang

Best Lists of The Week

29. Most Quoted Movie Lines by Geeks Try and guess this one…  (comment your answer below) “With great power comes great responsibility.”

30. Best Comedies Ever List