Weekly 30: Best Links for September 24

Christian Collard September 24, 2010 2

Behold, our favorite web-gems for the past week. If you can get through all 30, give us your favorites in the comments section below. We may even use them in our upcoming podcast where we chat about the – what else – Weekly 30. Please help us spread the good stuff by sharing this with your friends.

The Lists

1) 20 Awful Automobile Fails [link]

2) 10 common home theater mistakes [link]

3) 10 Weirdest Reasons to get Fired [oddee.com]

4) The 10 Most Addictive Sounds in the World [FastCompany]

5) 15 of life’s biggest turning points that every guy should celebrate [MensHealthMagazine]

Sports and Bieber Hair

6) Philadelphia newspaper’s controversial Vick headline: ‘TOP DOG’  What? I thought that was funny. [link]

7) Tom Brady’s Bieber-Do isn’t going anywhere … yet. [link/ESPN]

Health, Food & Mool-ah

8 ) Rod Moser: Colds, Influenza and Flu Shots. Good read for parents with kids that tend to get sick. [link]

9) Recipe Doctor: Quick Lasagna [webmd]

10) 3 square meals vs. ‘mini-meals’: Which is best? (whatever… I’m sticking to mini-meals.) [link]

11) Frighteningly Fattening Fall Foods Slideshow [webMD] Who cares, this looks GOOOOD!

12) Financial Independence Is More Than Just a Number [wisebread] (I’m still hoping a BIG number)

Travel & Photo

13) 10 best places in the world to see fall foliage [smartertravel]

14) PHOTOS: 10 Best Island Escapes [link/photos] Wow, I’ve actually been to one!!!

15) Top 10 historic drives [NatGeo]

16) USArmy Photo of the Day: “Firing back”

Firing back


17) Worlds Worst Job – Crap, i wet myself just watching.

18) Bill Murray on Technology. Another wet-yourself video.

From the Blogs

19) Is the secret to success really as easy as asking better questions? Let’s ask Chris Brogan [link]

20) Male Bonding A story about being a dad, getting old, and losing to your son in one on one basketball… [goodmenproject]

21) How To Be “The Rock” In Tough Times [dadrevolution]

Random Cool Stuff

22) The Killingest Engagement Ring Ever Created! [link to article]

23) List of the 10 best pre-owned cars you can buy [link]

24) How to Detect a Photoshopped Image [Lifehacker]

25) The Most Inappropriate Reality Shows Of All Time (PHOTOS) [HuffingtonPost]

26) 30 Enviously Cool Home Office Setups [link]

27) Traffic Light Tree: Nature and Industry Combined [bitrebels]

28) Woh, we just talked about this in the last Podcast. Extreme Rep0: Planes, Freighters and Cows [ABCnews]

29) Do you know why we call strangers “guy”? [LIFE] Nope, no idea.

30) 12 Cool and Innovative Cameras [toxel]


New on Thirtymag This Week

31) 30 Websites All Dads Should Check Out

32) 30 Things The New Dad Needs to Know

33) If You Can Dodge A Wrench, You Can Dodge A Ball

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