Weekly 30: Best of the Web for October 22

Christian Collard October 22, 2010 3

We are one week away from Halloween! (Scary). Thank you for your help this week sharing your best articles. We were able to find 30 gems this week that include the 25th anniversary of both Nintendo and Back to the Future. This week there was controversy in NFL hits, Conan was live and yes, we caved and gave you a link on “politics”. We also found a few sponsors who provided some cool deals, check them out below.

The Weekly 30 is a collection of our favorite links from the past week. This list is comprised from the great content in our feed, from our friends on twitter, Digg, and submissions from our viewers. If you enjoy this list be sure to subscribe to our feed to get them delivered every week then tune in on Monday for our podcast as we discuss our favorites.


1) Its been 25 years!? For all you Back to the Future Fans…


2) For comparison, the original

3) Great Uplifting Video: Football Player With One Arm Inspires Community

4) Dude made this himself. Ill take one of these for my birthday.

5) Highlight of Conan’s Live Feed this past week

Health / Food

6) Dining On A Budget – Is is cheaper to eat in or out? [@billshrink.com]

7) 125 Best Foods for Men [MensHealthMag]

8 ) In your 30s, your metabolism drops 1% every 4 years! Stay slim w/ the best foods for your 30s  [@eatthisnotthat]

9) If you could eat perfectly for a day, this is what your menu would look like [@menshealthmag]

Buis / Tech / Money

10) Luke Holden went from UBS to CS Capital to bringing New York something it sorely lacked: A tasty, affordable lobster roll [BusinessWeek]

11) The Big Banks screw us over yet again [@goodmenproject]

12) BlackBerry History: Origin of the Name “BlackBerry” [@asacco]

13) 9 Top Ways We Waste Money 2010 [@walletpopper]

Social Media / Gaming

14) 5 Game-Changing Social Media Marketing Campaigns [Mashable Awards]

15) Campaign Ads Go Viral For Votes [@fastcompany]

16) 3 Innovative iPad Games That Use the iPhone as a Controller [@mashable]


17) Best Adventure Towns Map [NatGeo]

18) Flying somewhere soon? Then you have to read this: [@menshealthmag]

19) PHOTOS: 10 Beautiful Deserts Around The World [@huffingtonpost]

Other / Cool

20) The Nerdiest Wedding Cake Toppers Of All Time (PHOTOS) [@huffingtonpost]

21) We typically dont like to talk politics, but we will agree you should get out and vote, so here are 17 Web Resources to Help You Decide on Election Day [@mashable]

22) 15(ish) Things Worth Knowing about Coffee [@Oatmeal]

23) Hard Times Call for Manlier Men in Fashion [@goodmenproject]

24) Is America in a ‘Father Absence’ Crisis? [@goodmenproject]

25) Great Xmass present for that “hard to buy for” guy in your life… Jetpacks on Sale: The Future is Now [@TIME]

26) Nintendo’s 25th Anniversary: Top NES Games Of All Time (PHOTOS)  [@HuffingtonPost]

27) 12 Old Politically Incorrect Ads [OpenFreak]

28) A Brief History of Flintstones Vitamins [MentalFloss]


29) NFL: Suspensions may be coming for illegal hits to head [@USATODAYsports]

30) Patriot’s Merriweather’s hit on Baltimore’s Todd Heap. Cheap shot?


New on ThirtyMag.com this week…

31) 30 Health And Wellness Tips From Fatherfolk [link]

32) New in our “Man up” series: Mom, I Just Got Passed By An Elderly Woman With A Walker [link]

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