Weekly 30: Best of the Web – October 15

Christian Collard October 15, 2010 4

The Weekly 30 is a collection of our favorite links from the past week. This list is comprised from the great content in our feed, from our friends on twitter, Digg, and submissions from our viewers. If you enjoy this list be sure to subscribe to our feed to get them delivered every week then tune in on Monday for our podcast as we discuss our favorites.

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1) Smell Like A Monster

2) John Lennon Google Doodle

3) Thank you John for this one…


4) In honor of the start of the 2010 Hockey season…. 7 great first career NHL goals [TheScore.com]

5) Confessions Of An Agent: This man says he paid thousands of dollars to dozens of college football players. Whatever they needed—a concert ticket, a free trip, a meal—he gave them, all in violation of NCAA rules. Now he says he wants to come clean about his two decades inside the dirtiest business in sports [SportsIllustrated]

6) Thirty-Two Great Calls [SportsIllustrated]

7) Maybe Next Year: The 9 Worst Sports Cities in America (To Visit) [TotalProSports]

Buis & Tech

8 ) The 10 Best BlackBerry Shortcuts by Al Sacco [CIO]

9) Why Consumers Aren’t Buying 3-D TVs  [@daily_finance]

10) Gap ditches new logo after social media backlash [@DigitalTrends]

11) Hers and hers and his: Three’s Company money advice  [@walletpopper]

12) Why a Verizon iPhone is Good For Everyone [TechiBlog]

Health & Food

13) Drinking 3 glasses of red wine a week decreases your risk of colon cancer by 68 percent! 15 cheap wines  [MensHealthMagazine]

14) 12 Cities Around The World With Fantastic Local Food  [@HuffingtonPost]

15) 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Popcorn [HowStuffWorks]

16) What’s your Food IQ? Play the ETNT game!  [@EatThisNotThat]

17) Why So Tired? 12 Common Causes of Fatigue  [@WebMD]

18) Up your intake w/ these 50 protein-packed dishes [@EatThisNotThat]

19) Cooking for Geeks: Organize Your Kitchen Like a Programmer [LifeHacker]

Cool (& Strange)

20) 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ghostbusters [Neatorama]

21) How self-driving cars could change everything [@Newser]

22) The Weirdest (And Most Adorable) Halloween Costumes For Kids! (PHOTOS)  [@HuffingtonPost] *Warning, the first one is disturbing.

23) Study: Women Always Answer Their Phones Unless They’re Having Great Sex With Someone Else [TheOnion]

24) The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Coincidences of All Time [Cracked]

25) 12 Historic Battlefields Worth A Visit  [@HuffingtonPost]

26) PHOTOS: 10 Coolest Walled Cities Around The World  [@HuffingtonPost]

27) Lessons I Learned When My Laptop Was Stolen  [@Lifehacker]

Incredible Stuff

28) Incredible Story: Last of the Chile miners pulled to safety in flawless operation [boston.com]

29) Incredible photos: Rescued from a Chilean mine [BigPicture]

30) Incredible outcome: As Chile celebrates, mine’s future in question [Yahoo]

New on ThirtyMag.com this week

A) Male Involvement and the Importance for Young Children by John T. [link]

B) 30 of My Favorite Fenway Photos by Jeff Valois [link]

C) A Kid’s Mind Is More Absorbent Than A ShamWow by Tony Ripa [link]