Weekly 30: Top Stories from November 12

Christian Collard November 12, 2010 1

Below are our top 30 stories, videos, and links from the week ending on Friday, November 12. Each week we search the web for the best stuff that is of relevance to out viewers. If you find anything worthy of next week’s list, please share it with us on Twitter, Facebook, or via Email. Please let us know your favorites in the comments below. We may use them in our next podcast.


1) Middle School Football Trick Play

2) A Trickplay with different results…

3) I love this Commerical. Not because I cant wait to play Black Ops, but because it hits the mark perfectly… Regular joe’s transforming into GI Joes.

4) If I had an iPhone (and a BMW) I’d totally get one of these…

5) Be on the look out for random choir break outs while shopping this Christmas season…

6) This guy gets the “Awesome Guy of the Week” award.

Food / Men’s Health

7) Food Portion Size, 20 Years Ago Vs. Today [PICS]

8 ) 10 Ways to Beat Back Pain [MensHealth]

9) From James Franco to Wyc Grossbeck, men admit what they are addicted to. [GoodMenProject]

10) How stress affects the human body [link]

11) Change your waistline one meal at a time with the top 15 food swaps [MensHealthMag]

12) The Secret of Great Men: Deliberate Practice [artofmanliness]

13) Roasted Nuts Aren’t Just for the Holidays [GoodMenProject]

Money / Tech / Career

14) Top-10 tech tricks we’re sick of seeing in movies [cnet]

15) 12 Ways Black Friday 2010 Will be Different [link]

16) The Evolution of Classified Ads [infographic]

17) The 10 best children’s book series every boy read in the 90s [guyism]

18) How men spend their money [Infographic]

19) 5 Career Lessons From Shakespeare [mint]

20) 8 Worst Business Screw-ups [odee]

21) 6 habits that will make you broke [MSN]

22) RIP: Ask.com. The End of an Era for Search [mashable]


23) Stache Bash! A Tribute to Ridiculous Mustaches for No Shave Movember [photos]

24) In honor of #Movember: Mustaches: What a Difference They Make! [link]

FYI: If you are taking part of Movember, please email us your mug shot for our list of “30 Great Movember Stahes”. Dont forget to include your name and link to your site/blog.


25) Nine Pathetic Touchdown Celebration Videos [funnycrave]

26) NFL Replay: Thin line between tough football and player safety [USAToday]

Pop Culture /Other

27) Top 8 Fall 2010 TV Shows That Are Doomed [ranker]

28) What Your Phone Says About You [Graphic]

29) Dogs Eat the Strangest Things, but Why? [abc]

30) 15 Hilarious Newspaper Mistakes and Apology Notes [odee]

New on ThirtyMag.com this week…

31) Dad Definition. Eliminator of Ghosts, Ghouls, and Boogeymen.

32) 30 Financial Tips To Live By

33) Top 30 Ugly Cars – Who Made The List?

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